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Towing 137th Avenue & 97 Street Northwest, Edmonton

Access Towing has been providing towing services in Edmonton since 1992. We provide quality service at fair and competitive rates. If you have a car that is disabled, broken down, or stuck on the side of the road you can call us for towing services. In case we are not available to help you with your vehicle we will find someone nearby who can. Contact Access Towing in Edmonton today for all your towing needs!

We offer all of the above services at a fair price. We understand that accidents happen and we are always willing to help you. For our customers, we provide "Fast Repairs, Reliable Services". Let's talk about your needs and schedule a tow truck pick-up today! Get the top tow truck service in Edmonton for your car and/or motorcycle.

Access Towing provides the best towing services Edmonton has to offer. Access Towing offers 24-hour response time when it comes to all of our services, no matter what time of day it is. We offer a wide range of services, and we are always open for emergencies. You're on the road, and your car won't start. Or you have a flat tire you need fixed right away. Just call us, and let our tow truck service take care of the problem quickly and efficiently!
Access Towing will provide you with roadside assistance anytime, anywhere!

Access Towing Service started in 2003, with a shared passion for cars, trucks and people. Our mission is to be the leading provider of vehicle-related services in Edmonton—and surpassing expectations with our personalized service is what we’re known for. Access Towing Service is a locally owned and operated towing company that covers all your towing needs.

Access Towing Services opened 1992 and have been committed to providing the best quality of service to their customers. We provide 24 hour towing services, tire repair and replacement, flat bed towing, locksmith service and car unlockings, road side assistance, auto jump starts and fuel delivery.
We are also first responders to any accidents with our fleet of tow trucks. All drivers carry a heavy duty set of tools for emergency roadside repairs as well as a battery booster and air compressor for instant tire changes.

Tow truck services include junk removal.
Access Towing Services is family run business dedicated to serving the needs of each customer with care, respect, dependability and professionalism. We are insured and licensed with Alberta's Private Towing Board (PTB).

We are a company that provides affordable, efficient and reliable towing. We provide the best value for our customers. We have been in the towing industry for over 15 years with a fleet of tow trucks. Access Towing is a family run business which guarantees satisfaction from our services.

We are a 24 hour towing company in Edmonton, Alberta.
Our drivers are always on call to help you with your roadside assistance needs.
We offer towing services for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles in Edmonton. Call us at ☎️ (780) 450-3139

Towing and Roadside Assistance. 24 Hour Towing. Tire Repair and Replacement. Call Access Towing for your roadside assistance needs.

We offer full-service towing for the Edmonton area. Towing services, 24 hour towing, tire repair and replacement, flatbed towing, locksmith service and car unlocking, road side assistance, auto jump start, fuel delivery and refill, tow truck services and junk removal.
Our goal is to provide quality services to our customers at a reasonable rate. Call Access Towing today for the best towing company in Edmonton!

Towing Services, 24 Hour Towing, Tires, Road Side Assistance, Junk Removal. Auto and Motorcycle Towing. Fuel Delivery and Refill.

Towing & Roadside Assistance

We tow vehicles from the street or highway to our convenient location where they are safely parked until they are serviced.
Our equipment is top-of-the-line and we provide 24/7 roadside assistance for all our customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas.


  • 6210 30 Street Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1J7, Canada
  • 112, Building 2950, Street 141st. SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6W 3G3, Canada
  • (780) 450-3139
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week